25 SEP, 2021

Participatory Budgeting Experiment in Kwai Tsing District

Written by : Alan Kwok, Angus Chan, Nancy Chan

Participatory budgeting is a bottom-up approach which allows citizens to participate in the process of the public budget allocation and improve their community directly. After piloting the Choi Fook Estate Participatory Budgeting Experiment in the first quarter of 2021, we are partnering with Kwai Tsing District Council’s Community Building Working Group and the Hong Kong Playground Association to carry out another Participatory Budgeting Experiment from September 2021 to February 2022.


The Participatory Budgeting Experiment in Kwai Tsing District focuses on the District Minor Works (DMW) programme. All stakeholders of Kwai Tsing District, including but not limited to residents, workers, and students, are welcome to submit a proposal. Stakeholders will be invited to express their opinion on proposed works in January 2022.


The full version of the commentary is in Chinese only.