Alan Kwok /Researcher (Departed)

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Self Introduction

Alan is a policy researcher at MWYO, specialising in youth civic participation and Hong Kong politics. Since 2017 he has authored over a dozen research publications on citizen involvement, including a book entitled “Game of Thrones — Tactics for Young Aspiring Politicians in Hong Kong”. Based on the research findings from the book, Mr. Kwok created and rolled out a board game called “The Hong Kong Politricks”(權謀風暴)to the market. It was later turned into a TV series under the same name on Hong Kong Open TV, where Mr. Kwok was invited to be a regular guest on the show.


Since 2020 Alan has been advocating Participatory Budgeting (PB) in Hong Kong. In the first quarter of 2021, he designed and piloted a PB scheme in Choi Fook Estate along with a subsequent case study report. Taking a bottom-up approach, the scheme allowed more than 8,500 residents to make decisions on the public budget of their local community. Aside from his professional life, Mr. Kwok has been a radio host at Metro Broadcast since 2018, delving into a wide range of international and local social issues throughout the programme.