20 AUG, 2021

2021 Policy Address Submission

In response to the Policy Address 2021, MWYO submitted relevant policy recommendations in late August. To address the issue of rampant youth unemployment, enhancing education and youth participation in civic affairs. MWYO urges the Government to provide more opportunities for youth:


  1.  Establish a Secondary School Internship Consultation and Support Office, and extend minimum wage exemption to cover all day school secondary school students
  2.  Provide subsidies for companies offering internship places
  3.  Enhance the Greater Bay Area Youth Employment Scheme and GBA study tours
  4.  Further reduce student loan burden
  5.  Encourage vocational and professional education and training through ‘business-school’ collaborations
  6.  Issue tutorial vouchers for low-income families
  7.  Increase collaborative opportunities for education technology innovation
  8.  Devote resources to participatory budgeting at district level
  9.  Set up a cyberbullying working group under the Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data