24 JUN, 2021

Corporate SEL Parenting Programme

MWYO published the SEL report in Oct 2020 and shared its findings with 300+ participants in the WPD forum with a panel comprising experienced school principals, academics, and youth workers. One of the highlights in the discussion was the unanimous consensus to have parents and teachers trained for the SEL skillset prior to students, so that they could be the “protective environmental factors” surrounding youth for resilience-building. Therefore, we organised a Corporate SEL Parenting Programme in Feb-May 2021 with “JUST FEEL”, in order to engaging parents and equip them with the SEL-related skills, thereby empowering them to become role models and to build meaningful relationships with their children.


The programme implemented in 3 corporates, with co-creation with “JUST FEEL”, we provided 4 lunchtime workshops to parents. We aimed to enhance parents’ knowledge and skills in compassionate communication, also help them to learn how to understand the needs and feeling of their sons and daughters.


Collaborating Corporates




》Workshops Highlights《