Over the Rainbow

Xanxus Kwan is a third-year university student, majoring in interior design. Since 7, he has been painting and fallen in love with this art form. Making painting his priority, he can even sacrifice his sleep for it. In 2012, his work was awarded a Gold Award in an international competition, among the over 20,000 entries from 40 countries. It was the first time a Hong Konger was given this award.

He surprised many people though when he didn’t pick art as his major at university. But that was all due to his love for art and desire to maintain the purity of this love – he did not want to make it an academic or professional pursuit.

Painting has taught Xanxus how to think and be sophisticated, which is also what attracts Kwan to it.

Dancing Dragon

Tso Chun Shun is a social work student at HKU. Born and raised in Cheung Chau, Chun Shun has been exposed to and interested in lion dancing. After getting into university, he has maintained a broad participation in extra-curricular activities amidst studies and exam preparation, including dragon boating. Last year, he founded the Chi Lun Sports Association in Cheung Chau, aiming to promote lion dancing to more people, preserve and pass on this proud tradition.

Chun Shun said, ‘We only have 24 hours a day. To handle studies, examinations and extra-curricular activities, time management is of vital importance. The work for Chi Lun Sports Association is on a voluntary basis. I am grateful to have received the help and support from my friends. The satisfaction brought by our performances is the source of motivation to continue my work here.”

Car Maintenance

When it comes to vehicle repair, many would associate it with “uncleanliness” and “being dangerous”. Very few would consider it a profession. But we met two youngsters, Zoe Wong and Ed Wong, who told us why they love repairing cars.

Zoe and Ed have been fans of cars since young. Through the higher diploma course in automobile engineering at IVE, they have turned their interest into knowledge and professional skills with dedication.

It is meaningless to classify trades by gender, whether they are niche or traditional trades. As long as you know what you love, just go for it!

I Love Cricket

Pakistani youth Ehtsham showed us his enthusiasm and dedication to cricket.

Cricket may seem foreign to many Hong Kongers. This sport requires high-level skills such as quick reactions, hand-eye-coordination and teamwork. Apart from being a player himself, Ehtsham is also a staunch promoter of the sport and leads and trains a cricket team composed of ethnic minority teenagers.

Being different from the mainstream in the languages they use, their skin colours and cultural backgrounds, Ehtsham and his ethnic minority friends are facing challenges in relation to studies and work. But as sports have taught them, they are rising to the challenges with optimism and positivity. These are admirable qualities we all should learn from.

Regardless of ethnicity, we, Hong Kong, are one team. Let’s learn from each other, show our true colours, and play a wonderful game together!

Video Gaming

Ryan, a diehard fan of video games when young, was once predicted to be an unproductive youth in future. Now, he owns an e-Sports events organising company and is the co-founder of the Hong Kong E-sports Association.

It has required persistence and much hard work to reach his level now. But as long as you keep going after your passion, one day you will get there!

Behind the Robot

Rather than practising as professional mechanical engineers, after graduation Jonathan and Leo have devoted themselves to education. Through teaching kids how to make robots, Jonathan and Leo aim to train up their logical thinking, enhance their problem-solving skills, and boost their confidence.

‘I can do it, so can you!’

Drone Photography

Since Secondary 5, Kwok Tsz Hin has fallen in love with seeing the world from a different angle through flying drones. Initially, his families thought his passion would not sustain, but with his talents and persistence, Tsz Hin has proven to himself and others his passion in drone photography.

Go after our passion, and we will fly high and far!