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Yan Ng

22 years old university student, Hong Kong

Joining different extra-curricular activities and volunteering have given me a lot, in terms of knowledge, new friends, and life lessons. I learnt that it is better to give than to take, and became more grateful for what I have in life. I understood myself better, especially my strengths and weaknesses. Volunteering is fun mostly because of my friends, but also because I get to help people. My mother has always encouraged me to actively contribute to the community (provided that I have the capacity to do so). These experiences have made me a happier person and have made me understood my place in society.


Young people should be more proactive in participating in all sorts of activities and in learning about the world. Go out there and get to know people from different walks of life. You will encounter challenges and experiences, and ultimately grow as a person. Have we, as a society, provided sufficient opportunities and encouragement for young people to broaden their horizon and gain an international outlook?