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Tim Law

23 years old
Triathlete in Hong Kong

When I was a Form 3 student in secondary school in 2008, I was selected as part of the team representing Hong Kong in triathlon. I became a full-time athlete in 2010. My goal is to represent Hong Kong in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Regardless of whether I achieve this goal or not, I will not regret pursuing my passion. I am extremely glad that I was able to represent my hometown Hong Kong in the past 12 years. Not everyone has this valuable opportunity.

I believe that everyone can fulfill their dreams as long as they don’t give up.


Tim is confident, healthy, happy and always optimistic. I have come across many young people in Hong Kong who, like Tim, are clear about their life goals and working hard towards these goals. Oftentimes this involves making sacrifices. Tim was lucky in that he had his teacher as a mentor to support and guide him unconditionally – but not every young person is as lucky as Tim. How can we as a society support our young people in their life pursuits?