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Khalil Fong

24 years old
Year 2 student, Major in Social Work, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

I am a student at Polytechnic University, majoring in Social Work. Thinking back to my university days, they were not easy at all.

After I did the Hong Kong Certificate Exams, I was not given a place for further studies in F.6 at my secondary school. Two years later, my A-Level Exam results did not guarantee me a place in university. I ended up enrolling in a sub-degree program, and it was a major setback. It was only when I was in the first year of sub-degree that I realized marks did not represent everything. I started to question my motivation for getting into university, and reflect on what my real interests are.


Many young people see getting into university as their life goal. But as Khalil pointed out, have they stopped to question their underlying motivation? Should we, as a society, provide our youth with more options so that young people can apply their strengths in a wider variety of paths?