Hong Kong Youth Employment Under COVID-19

MWYO commissioned the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to conduct a survey entitled “Youth Employment under COVID-19” to better understand the current state of youth employment and how young people assess the Government’s anti-epidemic and economic relief measures. From mid to late May, 509 Hong Kong residents aged 18 to 34 were successfully interviewed. It was found that 12.4% of respondents were currently unemployed, with more than half (55.6%) of them citing the COVID-19 outbreak as a reason for losing their jobs and 69.8% of them had little hope of finding a job within the next three months. 7.1% of those currently working saw their income reduce by more than half since the end of 2019. On the Government’s overall performance, 23.8% of respondents thought the Government handled the COVID-19 outbreak well and 19.4% thought the economic relief measures were well-implemented.

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Press Release (Chinese version) | Survey Data (Chinese version) | Survey Analysis (Chinese version) | Executive Summary

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