We listen.

We listen to people from all walks of life. This includes youth but not just them – parents, teachers, social workers, government officials and policymakers are all part of the conversation.

We are politically neutral.

We believe that understanding young people (our next generation and our future) is something everyone should be interested in, regardless of their political views.

We innovate.

We study contemporary phenomenon like selfies. We are also constantly seeking new ways to disseminate ideas, such as through games, apps and documentaries.

We conduct robust research.

We have high standards for our work and typically use a range of data sources and methodologies. Triangulation is often used to ensure reliable and relevant findings.

We engage youth authentically.

We focus on the quality of youth engagement and try our best to improve their experience. One day you will see us chatting to e-sports players at a stadium; the next day we will be setting up a selfie booth to attract young participants.

We produce actionable outputs.

Behind every project is our vision to advance youth development in HK. Be it data to inform policymaking, or suggestions to improve young people’s lives in tangible ways, we want our work to support other stakeholders in the field.